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What our customers have to say:
The following excerpts are unsolicited from customer comment forms, e-mails, and national dispatcher Vendor Performance Reports.

  • "Soooooo happy I can use you guys. You make my life much easier!" 
  • "...this is exactly why I appreciate MRJ's service. They're specific and detailed."
  • "Vendor communicated with management during entire installation. Very professional and polite."
  • "Customer will wait. They don't want anyone else at their stores."
  • "...worked very well with other things going on around him."
  • "fast and reliable service. Knowledgeable and helpful." ----- "You guys are awesome"
  • "courteous and very helpful" ----- "they only want MRJ to service them"
  • "customer is tickled pink and wants to use us for everything"
  • "If ever anyone loves me, it is you guys! Thank you very, very much."
  • "Thank you for going over and above the call of duty."
  • "The technician that was sent last time was 'wonderful' and we would like you to send him again"
  • "I just wanted to extend my appreciation for your thorough and timely reporting. When <we> receive e-mail updates such as this, it actually saves all of us time ...
  • "I owe you big time, you saved my butt today ..." ----- "Vendor is awesome!"
  • "Thank you and your technician for taking care of our store. They were very impressed."
  • "You guys always go above and beyond for us."
  • "Thanks again for the great service and all of the expertise that you share with me."
  • "When I see MRJ on the work order, I know the customer is in good hands."